How to fill SBI xpress credit loan application form-eligiblity and interest rate 2021

SBI xpress credit loan

SBI Xpress Credit loan is a sort of personal loan offered to salaried individuals by State Bank of India (SBI). This unsecured loan has a low documentation requirement and a speedy disbursement. Personal loans from SBI Xpress Credit loan can be utilised for a variety of purposes, including debt reduction, vacations, weddings, consumer durable purchases, and more. The loan amount available under this personal loan scheme ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 20 lakh.

SBI Xpress Credit Loan Benefits

The loan amount granted by SBI Xpress Credit Personal Loan starts at Rs. 25,000 and goes up to Rs. 20 lakh.
Tenure that can be changed: The repayment period for an SBI Xpress Credit Personal Loan ranges from 6 months to 6 years, ensuring easy repayment.
Documentation required at a minimum: SBI just requires the bare minimum of documentation to execute your personal loan application, saving you time and effort.
Disbursement in a timely manner: Once your loan is accepted, the bank will promptly deposit the funds into your account.

SBI xpress credit loan

SBI Xpress Credit Interest Rate

For Defence/ Para-Military/ Indian Coast Guard Salary Package Applicants

Term Loan10.85% – 11.35%
Overdraft11.35% – 11.85%

for other applicants

Term Loan10.85% – 12.85%
Overdraft11.35% – 13.85%
Central and State Government, Quasi-Government, Central PSUs, State PSUs, Defence personnel, Educational Institutions of National Repute Employees11.75% – 13.85%
Employees of Co-operatives/Institutions not covered under regular Xpress Credit loan scheme and Unrated Corporates12.50% – 14.10%

Criteria for Eligibility

You must be a salaried employee of the federal, state, or quasi-government, central PSUS and profit-making state PSUS, nationally renowned educational institutions, and select corporations with or without a partnership with the bank.
A minimum monthly income of Rs. 15,000 is required.
After deducting the EMI for the proposed loan, your EMI/NMI ratio should be less than 50%.

Documents required for SBI Xpress Credit Loan

PAN, Aadhaar, Passport, Voter ID Card, Passport, and other documents are required as proof of identity.
Ration card, electric bill, phone bill, rent/purchase agreement, Aadhaar card, PAN card, voter ID card, etc. are all examples of proof of address.
Salary slips, bank account statements, ITRs, and other forms of proof of income are acceptable.

Fees and Other Charges for SBI Xpress Credit Loan

Processing fee1.50% of the loan amount (subject to minimum Rs. 1,000 and maximum Rs. 15,000 plus applicable Tax
Penal interest2% p. m would be charged over and above the applicable interest rate on overdue amount for the period of default.
Prepayment charges3% on prepaid amount. No prepayment/ foreclosure charges if account is closed from the proceeds of a new loan account under same scheme

SBI Customer Care

  • You can call on 1800-112-2111800-425-3800 o080-26599990
  • You can SMS UNHAPPY to 800-8202-020
  • You can write to the bank at Customer Service Department, State Bank of India

Top Mutual Funds For The Long-Term Investor: HDFC Multi Cap Fund

HDFC Multi Cap Fund

The multi-cap fund will be benchmarked against the NIFTY 500 Multicap 50:25:25 Index, which has 50 percent weight to large-caps, and 25 percent each to mid and small-caps. Investors looking for a blended portfolio are better suited to invest in multi-cap funds.

To fill the shortfall in this product area, mutual funds have been creating multicap schemes. Last year, SEBI changed the requirements for multi-cap funds. Multi-cap funds must invest 25% of their assets in mid-cap, small-cap, and large-cap equities, according to SEBI regulations. The remaining 25% may be invested at the discretion of the fund manager.
The multi-cap fund will be measured against the NIFTY 500 Multicap 50:25:25 Index, which gives large-caps 50% of the weight and mid- and small-caps 25% each. Multi-cap funds are better suited to investors seeking a diversified portfolio.

HDFC Multi Cap Fund

HDFC Asset Management Company has introduced the HDFC Multi Cap Fund’s New Fund Offer. The programme will invest a minimum of 25% of its total assets in large, mid, and small cap companies, with the remaining 25% allocated based on the fund manager’s market view.

The stock selection process for the HDFC Multi Cap Fund will be a mix of top down and bottom up. The scheme will invest 60 percent to 75 percent of its total assets in large and mid-cap stocks, according to its present investment strategy. It would also invest 25 percent to 40 percent of its total assets in small-cap stocks. The fund will invest without regard to style, with the goal of capturing opportunities in growth, value, and turnaround businesses.

Gopal Agrawal, who has nearly 19 years of experience in fund management and equity analysis, will oversee the scheme. “We’ve noticed that different market capitalization sectors perform differently at different times. HDFC Multi Cap Fund is a one-stop shop for investors searching for diversified market cap exposure in a disciplined manner through a single fund to obtain higher risk-adjusted returns.

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Ayushman Bharat Yojana-All About Ayushman Bharat Yojana

Ayushman Bharat Yojana

Ayushman Bharat Yojana: Ayushman Bharat Pradhan (Ayushman Bharat Pradhan) is a government- Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (abbreviated as AB PM-JAY; also known as Ayushman Bharat National Health Protection Scheme abbreviated as NHPS) is a national public health insurance fund of the Government of India that intends to give free access to health insurance coverage to low-income earners in the country. This program benefits around half of the country’s population. People who participate in the program have access to primary care services from a family doctor. PM-JAY provides free secondary health care for people who require expert therapy and tertiary health care for those who require the most advanced treatment.

The program is part of the Indian government’s National Health Policy. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare introduced it in September 2018. The National Health Authority was eventually established by that ministry to handle the program. It is a federally sponsored program that is supported equally by the federal government and the states. It is the world’s largest government-sponsored healthcare program, serving 50 crores (500 million) people. Because the program’s customers are low-income Indians, it is a means-tested program.

PM-JAY has the following features: providing health coverage for 10 crore households or 50 crores Indians providing a cover of 5 lakh per family per year for medical treatment in empaneled hospitals, both public and private; offering cashless payment and paperless recordkeeping through the hospital or doctor’s office determining eligibility for benefits using criteria from 2011 Socio-Economic and Caste Census. There are no restrictions on family size, age, or gender.

It covers 3 days of pre-hospitalization and 15 days of post-hospitalization, including diagnostic care and medication costs; it is portable, so a beneficiary can receive medical treatment at any PM-JAY impaneled hospital outside their state and anywhere in the country, and it provides free COVID-19 testing.

The Ayushman Bharat Yojana is divided into two parts:

  • Health and Wellness Centres
  • Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY)

Centers for Health and Wellness:

In February of 2018, the Indian government converted existing sub-centers and primary health centers into Health and Wellness Centres. The main goal is to make healthcare more accessible and affordable to the poor. The providing of maternal and childcare services, as well as free diagnostic tests and critical medications, is the main focus of these centers.

PMJAY (Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana):

Shri Narendra Modi Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana or PMJAY, which was launched on September 23rd by our Honourable Prime Minister, is the second component of the Ayushman Bharat scheme.

What are the advantages of the PMJAY scheme?

The PMJAY program covers up to 3 days of pre-hospitalization fees and up to 15 days of post-hospitalization expenses, including diagnostics and pharmaceutical costs.

There are no limitations based on family size, age, or gender.

From the start, you’ll be covered for any pre-existing conditions. There is no waiting period.

There is also support for daycare costs.

Those who enlist in the scheme will have access to cashless health insurance as well as a paperless option.

The PMJAY facilities are accessible throughout the country.

Ayushman Bharat Yojana Eligibility in Rural Areas

Families have no male members between the ages of 16 and 59.

Families without any adult in the age range of 16 to 59 years.

No able-bodied adult members in a family with a disabled member.

Households from Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe communities.

Landless families rely on physical labor for the majority of their income.

Families crammed into a single room with makeshift walls and roofs.

Working as manual scavengers as a family.

Families who do not have a home.

Ayushman Bharat Yojana Eligibility in the City

The Ayushman Bharat scheme will assist the following categories of persons in urban areas, with a 5 lakh insurance cover per family:

Pickers of Rags


Domestic Employees

On the pavements, there are street merchants, cobblers, hawkers, and other people who provide services.

Workers in the construction industry, plumbers, laborers, painters, welders, and security guards

Cleaners and sweeping crews

Drivers, conductors, helpers, cart or rickshaw pullers, and head load employees are examples of those that provide transportation services.

Artisans, such as tailors and handcraft makers, operate from home.

Shop employees, small-business helpers or peons, delivery guys, and waiters.

Chowkidars or washermen.

Who is exempt from the Ayushman Bharat Yojana under the PMJAY?

PMJAY is not applicable to the following persons or households:
Any household that falls into this bracket and is required to pay income taxes or professional taxes.
Those families have a member who works for the government.
Those who work in non-agricultural businesses must register with the government.
Any family member who earns more than Rs 10,000 per month.
Those holding Kisan Cards with a credit limit of 50,000 rupees.
Individuals that own a two-wheeler, three-wheeler, or four-wheeler, as well as a motorized fishing boat.
Refrigerators and landline phones are found in households.
Those who have irrigation equipment and possess more than 2.5 acres of land.

How can I register for the Ayushman Bharat Scheme?

Go to the Pradhan Mantri’s official website. Jan Arogya Yojana (Jan Arogya Yojana) is a government-sponsored

Select ‘Am I Eligible?’ from the drop-down menu.

After that, click ‘Generate OTP’ and enter your mobile number and security captcha.

Select your state and then search by name, HHD number, ration card number, or mobile number.

Home credit personal loan-Interest Rate 13% to 30% p.a-instant loan

Home credit personal loan

Home credit personal loan-Home credit loans give you quick and easy access to finances. They are useful when you need money to meet specific financial obligations. You can get a loan of up to Rs. 2 lakh with low interest rates. The loan’s interest rate ranges from 13 percent to 30 percent, depending on the payback period. You have four years to repay the loan.

Home credit personal loan details

Interest RateProcessing FeeMax Tenure
13% to 30% p.a.Zero Processing FeeUp to 48 months

Home Credit loans provide quick, simple, and safe access to finances. All you have to do is register online using your phone number and email address, or download the app and fill out the application form to receive immediate approval.

Home Credit Cash Loans: Features and Advantages

See the list below for a list of essential characteristics and benefits of Home Credit Cash Loans to see if this scheme is perfect for you based on your personal requirement, unique scenario, and repayment capacity.

Digital loan applications – Under this financing arrangement, all loan applications are processed digitally. As a result, you can rest confident that you will not have to wait in long lines to obtain the dollars you desire. You can apply for this plan at any time of day, from the comfort of your own home.

Loan amount – Customers can withdraw a loan up to Rs.2 lakh by requesting a credit advance under this scheme, which can be returned in a short period of time.
Instant loan acceptance – When a person asks for a cash loan through Home Credit, the loan application is accepted practically immediately. This is due to the fact that the full loan application procedure is completed online, which allows for faster loan processing and approval than any other way.

Easy and hassle-free application process – The company ensures that the loan application procedure for these loans is not only straightforward but also hassle-free, by providing a user-friendly platform to apply for the loans.

Quick disbursement of funds – With online loan applications and instant loan approval, the loan money can be disbursed to the borrower’s bank account in no time. As a result, a person who applies for a loan under this scheme will be able to get immediate cash to deal with an emergency financial issue.

Customers do not have to provide any physical documents for the verification process because Home Credit Cash Loans uses an online application approach. Instead, individuals can simply provide digital copies of all essential documents when applying for a loan online.

Multiple repayment alternatives – This company provides a number of options for repaying this loan. Customers can choose an option that suits them best and repay the loan in equal monthly payments. Borrowers can pay their equated monthly installments (EMIs) using a variety of online payment options, including a payment gateway.

Individuals will also be able to choose a repayment schedule that is convenient for them. This will help them avoid defaulting on their loan repayment.
No collateral is required – Because this is an unsecured loan, the borrower is not required to offer any collateral or a third-party guarantor as security to secure the funds he or she requires under this financing plan.

Loan open to all borrowers – The borrower does not have to be a current customer of the company to be eligible for this loan. This program is open to all types of clients, both new and old.

Eligibility Criteria for Home Credit Personal Loan

The applicant should be at least 19 years old.
The customer must be an Indian national.
The borrower must have a current Aadhaar card.
The customer must have an active bank account with access to internet banking.

Documents Required for Home Credit Personal Loan

PAN (Personal Identification Number) card
An aadhaar card is a unique identification number issued by the government of India.
Passports, voter identification cards, driver’s licenses, and Aadhaar cards are examples of proof of identity.
Photographs the size of a passport
Details of the borrower’s bank account
The applicant’s monthly income must be at least Rs.15,000.

Apply for a Cash Loan From Home Credit

  • Go to to access Home Credit’s official website.
  • Fill in your name and phone number, then click ‘Apply Now.’
  • The loan application will open in a new window.
  • Next, on the website, click the ‘Want to Apply’ button.
  • A tiny form will appear, asking for your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Complete the form to the best of your ability and click ‘Continue.’
  • Once Home Credit gets your request form, a representative from the organisation will contact you with a customised estimate.
  • After that, you can choose the best plan and submit your loan application.

The funds will be sent to your bank account as soon as your loan is approved.

Home Credit Cash Loans Customer Care

Phone Number91 – 124 – 662 – 8811/+91 – 124 – 662 – 8888
Official Mail

What is the procedure for applying for a Home Credit Cash Loan?
You can apply for a home credit cash loan by going to the Home Credit website or using the Home Credit mobile app.

You can repay your loan online, through the Home Credit mobile app, or in person at your local Home Credit location. To pay your loan by bill, you can go to the local Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, India Post, or Vodafone Stores branch. You can also use Paytm, PayU, or Vodafone MPesa to make a payment. You can use your credit card, debit card, UPI, net banking, or e-wallets to make a payment.

MyShubhLife- Instant loan upto 75,000 to Rs. 5 lakh


Personal loans are available through MyShubhLife if you require instant finances. You can easily obtain a loan in the amount of Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 5 lakh. The loan can be repaid in one to four years. The loan’s interest rate ranges from 1.25 percent to 2 percent (flat monthly rate). After paying 12 EMIs on time, you can foreclose on the debt.

Features of MyShubhLife

  • MyShubhLife has a simple application process via a mobile app
  • Amounts ranging from Rs.75,000 to Rs.5 lakh are available as loans.
  • Loan repayment periods of up to four years are available.
  • Monthly interest rates are fixed and range from 1.25 percent to 2 percent.
  • After repaying 50% of the current loan, a top-up loan is available.
  • After 12 months of repayment, the loan might be pre-closed.
  • Document collection is simple with agent pickup at a pre-arranged time and location at your business or home.

Eligibility Criteria for MyShubhLife

Salaried individuals with a minimum monthly income of Rs.12,000 are eligible for MyShubhLife.
Minimum age of 21 and maximum age of 60 are required.

Documents Required for MyShubhLife

  • Documents needed to prove your identity on MyShubhLife: PAN Card and Aadhaar Card
  • Rental agreement/utility bill/postpaid mobile bill/valid government KYC documents in the name of the loan applicant are acceptable forms of proof of address.
  • Recent bank statements showing pay credits from the preceding three months, as well as salary slips
  • Photograph: Selfie

How to Avail MyShubhLife

  • Register for an account on the MyShubhLife mobile application.
  • Fill in your personal information when your cellphone number has been validated.
  • Upload a photo of your PAN and fill out the form.
  • Include information about your home address, schooling, work experience, present job, and pay.
  • Link your MyShubhLife account to your netbanking account or upload the bank statement papers in PDF format to upload your bank statement.
  • You can apply for the loan when your bank statements have been quickly validated.
  • Choose the EMI amount you can afford, the loan amount you need, the payback term you choose, and the loan purpose.
  • Upload a photo of yourself.
  • Upload your latest payslip and proof of residential address in PDF format.
  • Share the contact details of two references
  • Your loan application is now complete and will be processed within 2 working days once approved.

In which cities is MyShubhLife now available?

Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi NCR, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai, Mysore, Nashik, and Pune are the cities where MyShubhLife is currently available.

Indusind bank loan details-interest rates start at 11% p.a.

Indusind bank loan details

Indusind bank loan details – Personal loans from IndusInd Bank are available at competitive interest rates and can be utilized for a range of purposes.

Amount of loan: up to Rs.25 lakh

Interest rates start at 11% p.a.

Processing fees range from 1% to 3% of the loan amount.

Quick approval and disbursement of funds

IndusInd personal loan features

Loans with varying terms are available.
With IndusInd Bank, you can get a personal loan with minimal physical documents, quick loan processing, and quick disbursement of the loan amount to your bank account.
For loan-related processes, make use of a doorstep service.
Interest rates that are competitive
No guarantors or collateral are required.
To get rid of high-interest debt, use the ‘Balance Transfer Option.’
ECS from any bank or IndusInd Bank account debit is two flexible payment options.

To apply for a personal loan with IndusInd Bank, you’ll need the following documents.

  1. A completed application form with a photograph is required.
  2. Photocopies of your passport, voter ID card, and driver’s licence
  3. Bank statement from the last three months/bank passbook from the previous six months
  4. For salaried applicants, the following documentation is required:

The most recent payslip
Documentation for self-employed applicants: current dated salary certificate with the most recent Form 16 6.

The most recent bank statement is the most current ITR or Form 16

What are the requirements for an IndusInd personal loan?
Salaried, Self-employed professional
and Self-Employed individual are the three types of borrowers defined by IndusInd.

For paid workers
Chartered accountants, doctors, select private and public sector personnel, PSU and central government officials, and government state and local body employees are all classified as salaried employees by IndusInd Bank.

  • Employees between the ages of 21 and 60 are eligible for this benefit.
  • Net income should not be less than Rs 25,000 per month.
  • 2 years of overall experience is required, as well as 1 year of experience in the current company.
  • People seeking rental housing must have lived in their current residence for at least one year.

For professionals working for self

Architects, self-employed doctors and CAs, engineers, corporate secretaries, and MBA consultants are all self-employed professionals, according to IndusInd.

  • Applicants must be between the ages of 25 and 65.
  • More than Rs 4.8 lakhs in net annual income is expected.
  • After graduation, you must have a minimum of four years of experience.

Individuals who are self-employed

Partners, directors, and sole proprietors in service, trading, or manufacturing firms are considered self-employed.

  • The applicant’s age should be between 25 and 65 years old.
  • Net income of at least Rs 4.8 lakhs.
  • After obtaining the required qualification, you must have at least 5 years of experience.

charges and fees

Charges for Advance Payment
Salaried: 4% of the outstanding principle after 12 EMIs have been repaid. Self-employed: 4% of the outstanding principle after 6 EMIs have been paid
Dishonorable Payment Charges Rs.450/- plus tax
Loan for personal use Per occurrence, there is a duplicate statement charge of Rs.250/- + taxes.
Charges for swapping cheques, ECS, and SIs are Rs.500 plus taxes per event.
Per event, a duplicate No Dues Certificate costs Rs.250 + taxes.
Charge of Rs.250/- + taxes per event for a duplicate amortization schedule
Charges for rescheduling or rebooking a loan are Rs.1000 plus taxes per event.
Charges for loan cancellation are Rs.1000 plus taxes per incident.
Photocopies of agreements and documents are charged at a rate of Rs.250/- + taxes per event.

Penal ChargeRs.150/- plus taxes, Per EMI delay beyond 5 days
Legal ChargesAs per Actuals
Stamp DutyAs per State Laws
CIBIL ReportRs.50/- per instance per set + Taxes as applicable

The Complete Guide To Flash Rupee Loan App: A Step-By-Step Manual

Flash Rupee Loan App

Flash Rupee Loan App – a new internet based company – offers an innovative way to get loan in India. It provides its users with instant loans which are repaid when the next salary is credited into their bank accounts.

Flash Rupee is the first online App that allows users to get Instant cash, without having to submit any documents or undergo credit checks. even though this app has been developed in India but the fact that it can work world wide shows its power and potentials. The idea behind this app is very simple and easy to understand, because people who are in need of money can submit their details by filling up a form which will be transferred directly into the system’s database right away.

Details about Flash Rupee Loan App

1. Introduction

Flash Rupee-Cash Loan is a full-process mobile phone operation that provides users with an application for online borrowing.This is newest and latest version of Flash Rupee-Instant Online Personal Cash Loan

2. What is a flash rupee loan?

The flash rupee loan is a new kind of lending system that will help people who are in need of money for different reasons. The main aim of the project is to provide its users with an opportunity to get their money instantly.

3. Advantages of Flash Rupee Loan App

A convenient, secure and hassle-free loan that is sanctioned within seconds. This is what Flash Rupee promises to its customers in India with their loan application process. The company has different plans for different types of loans they offer which includes Personal Loan, Home Loan, Business Loan etc.

How does Flash Rupee work?

Sending an SMS or even visiting the website of the company helps you to get a quick approval for your short term cash needs like medical treatments, personal accident insurance

Flash Rupee is an online application that provides the ultimate convenience of getting loans in minutes. It makes it possible to live life on your terms and achieve all your goals with a loan of as low as Rs. 5000 from Flash Rupee. A major advantage of Flash rupee is that it gives loans of up to Rs 5 lakhs for individuals, businesses, and non-profit organizations. Flash Rupee also has a unique feature where you can get a one time loan even if you have

4. Disadvantages of Flash Rupee Loan App

Flash Rupee is the only online platform that offers instant doorstep loans in an easy and hassle-free way. However, this loan service also has some disadvantages. Like other e-commerce sites, Flash rupee also does not offer full financial freedom to its users. The borrower still needs to go through the tedious process of filling up lengthy forms for availing these loans.

When it comes to getting a loan, you can always rely on the traditional way. You would have to go through several steps before you could actually get your hands on the cash. This is also known as conventional loans. However, with Flash Rupee Loan App, there are many advantages that come with taking out loans by using this app.

5. The Future of Flash Rupee Loan App

Flash Rupee is a peer to peer micro-lending platform that helps people with finance needs. The app is designed in such a way that it provides an easy and round the clock access to the financial services. The users can apply for loans based on their credit scores which are calculated by factors like bank statements, mobile bills, utility bills, social media presence etc. With this loan application process, they can also get matched with lenders who are most likely to approve their loans.

6. Conclusion

If you’re looking for a place to get quick cash when you need it most, Flash Rupee is the solution. It can be hard to get approved for a loan if your credit score is low, and traditional lenders often ask lots of questions before they will lend out money. With our online application process, we can help you apply with ease and receive an answer within minutes. You can learn more about our services by visiting our website today.

Download Flash Rupee loan app

Flash Rupee is an app that enables you to get instant loans with minimal documentation. The process is really simple, all you need to do is fill out a form saying how much money you want and the app will match you with lenders. Then Flash Rupee takes care of everything else for you.

An Ultimate Guide To Dhani App: How To Install And Use Dhani App.

Dhani app – for financial and healthcare needs

Dhani app introduction

Dhani app is an app or place where you can full all your financial and healthcare needs with a few clicks. you can get an instant credit limit up to 500000, it also includes Cashback Card, Free Health Card, DEMAT & Unlimited trading account, instant doctor consultation, up to 50% off on medicines, bill payments, travel bookings.

Dhani app

Through the Dhani app a loan starting from 2,500 to 5 lakh @ 0% Interest, payable in 3 months, and available in highly affordable subscription plans starting from 125.

Dhani app includes

  •  Dhani Wallet or RuPay Card
  • Dhani OneFreedom
  • No-EMI Loan
  • Instant Healthcare
  • Dhani SuperSaver
  • Dhani Stocks
  • Dhani Games
  • Dhani Dost

Dhani Wallet: Phone recharge, gas, electricity or utility payments, bus, flight or hotel bookings, or any online shopping platform – all your digital payments can be managed on a single app. You can also order your Dhani Pay RuPay card and enjoy shopping across 1 crore+ online and offline merchants.

Dhani one freedom: here you can get a card credit limit of up to ₹5,00,000 @0% interest instantly, No Bank Mandate required! Also, get 2% instant cashback on all transactions, 50% discount on medicines with 24×7 free doctor consultations. Use your 0% credit line across 1 crore+ online & offline merchants and payback in 3 easy interest-free payments.

No-EMI Loan: here you can get no EMI loan, which has to be paid after 90 days.

Instant Healthcare: Get 24*7 online video consultations from our panel of qualified doctors across 13+ specialties. You can also order medicines, with up to 50% discounts, with instant home delivery.

Dhani SuperSaver: up to 60% discount on medicines,5% cashback on shopping,  phone recharge, petrol, shopping, utility bills, travel or hotel bookings. And also more offers

 Dhani Stocks: Open a DEMAT & Trading Account on Dhani and enjoy unlimited trading at just ₹ 500/month in Equity, F&O, and Currency! Zero extra charges for Intraday and Delivery Transactions.

Dhani Games: play games and win cash daily

Dhani Dost: Invite your friends and family to the Dhani App and earn real cash on each signup.

Customer Care Team on 0124 6165 722 or email us at

Indiabulls Dhani Instant Personal Loan

Indiabulls Dhani Instant Personal Loan
We are offering instant personal loan against gold ornaments at no extra cost. The applicants can apply for the instant personal loan by filling the online application form. The lender will carry out detailed analysis of your credit history to approve your application. So, if you are in need of immediate cash for any purpose, get the Indiabulls Dhani Instant Personal Loan without collateral and enjoy hassle free processing experience.

Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited (IHFL) is a joint venture of the Indiabulls Group. The company offers loans to salaried individuals, self-employed persons and small business owners for buying or construction of residential properties in India. IHFL aims to provide its customers with a seamless loan application process backed by reliable technology, marketing and back-end processes. An online application form can be filled in just a few minutes and within 24 hours.

Dhani Loans and Services

Dhani is all set to revolutionize the financial sector in India. Aiming at providing small-medium business loans that range from Rs. 10 lakhs to Rs. 2 crores, Dhani offers quick and easy access to funds for people who want to expand their businesses without having to go through the hassle of getting bank loans or applying for credit cards.

One freedom card dhani

The Freedom Card is a prepaid debit card that enables you to make purchases, get cash at ATMs, and pay bills online. The card also provides the convenience of managing your money with personalized account alerts that help you stay on top of your finances. You can even track your spending history and set up email or text reminders for upcoming bill payments.

What is the benefits of Dhani Freedom Card?

Dhani card is a prepaid card that gives customers the flexibility to shop for what they want, when they want it. All customers have to do is visit your store and buy products with Dhani Freedom Card. The funds will be deducted from their balance.

Is Dhani card a credit card?

Dhani card is a prepaid card, not a credit card. It helps you make online purchases and also allows you to shop at the merchant outlets of over 1000+ popular brands across India using cashless payments. Dhani Card is powered by SBI Pay, which is one of the fastest payment gateway in India.

Instant Credit Line Loans from dhani app

Dhani app offers instant loans with no credit check and no documents to fax. Get your money faster than ever before, and enjoy the benefits of an easy application process. Contact us today for a quick loan approval!

Citibank personal loan

Citibank personal loan :

Citibank personal loan & get funds quickly and conveniently. Benefit from minimal documentation and speedy loan approval, Loans up to 30,00,000.Funds in your account in 48 hours.

Citibank personal loan online benefits

  • Avail personal Loan amount up to Rs.30,00,000
  • Loan funds credited to your bank account in 48 hours
  • Get your personal loan eligibility in just 4 hours
  • Fixed interest rate for predictable monthly payments
  • Part pre-payment option available
  • Balance consolidation for your Credit Card and Personal Loan outstanding

You can use Citibank personal loan for medical expenses, to renovate your home, take a trip, finance a wedding in the family, replace your home theater system, or anything else that you’ve always wanted to do but were held back by lack of funds. It’s your choice. With loan amounts up to Rs.30,00,000 and fixed monthly payments, there’s a lot you can do with a Citibank Personal Loan.

Citibank Personal Loan funds can be available to you within 48 hours (or 2 working days) once you submit the necessary documentation.

You can pay large EMIs and close your loan quicker or opt to pay smaller EMIs and close the loan over a longer period of time. You can use this flexibility of choice to calculate an EMI amount that works best within your monthly budget.

Citibank Personal Loan comes with a fixed rate of interest which means your EMIs will remain the same through the entire tenure of your loan. That is, irrespective of the amount you borrow or the time you choose to pay it back, there will be no surprises at the beginning of the month – your first EMI to your last EMI, the amount you pay will remain the same throughout.

You can also avail additional funds from Citibank If you are a current Citibank Personal Loan customer.

Citibank Suvidha customers can get  Citibank Personal Loan is very easy by logging in to your Citibank Online account and sending an online application.

you can also get in touch with Citibank through the 24×7 CitiPhone helpline number and place a request for your personal loan account statement. The CitiPhone helpline number can be accessed at any point in time. The number is 1860 210 2484.

Interest Rate9.99% – 16.49%
Loan Amount₹100,000-30 lakh

Repayment12 months-60 months

Processing FeeUp to 1% of the loan amount

Pre-Closure ChargesUp to 3%    
Eligibility Criteria
The minimum age of the applicant should be 26 for salaried
The maximum age of the applicant should be 60 for salaried
The minimum age of the applicant should be 21 for self-employed
The maximum age of the applicant should be 65 for self-employed
The minimum monthly income is ₹40,000

Documents needed for citibank personal loan

Proof of Identity :

SALARIED : Photograph is mandatory, PAN/ valid driver’s license/valid passport/ voter’s ID
card/valid identity card/overseas
citizen of India card/person of Indian origin card/Job card issued by NREGA/ letters issued by the unique identification authority of India.

SELF EMPLOYED : Photograph is mandatory, PAN/ valid driver’s license/valid passport/ voter’s ID card/valid identity card/overseas citizen of India card/person of Indian origin card/professional license with photograph/trade license with photograph.

Proof of Residence:

SALARIED : Valid driver’s license/ valid passport/voter’s ID card/valid identity card/utility bill not more than 3 months old with name & address /food card (ration card)/ letter from employer/lease deed/ rent agreement copy/ property registration document in the name of the customer/bank account statement printed on bank’s letterhead, not more than 3 months old, signed and stamped by existing banker/mutual fund statements/overseas citizen of India card/person of Indian origin card/latest IT return/original letter from company.

SELF EMPLOYED : Valid driver’s license/ valid passport/voter’s ID card/valid identity card/utility bill not more than 3 months old with name & address /food card (ration card)/ letter from employer/lease deed/ rent agreement copy/ property registration document in the name of the customer/bank account statement printed on bank’s letterhead, not more than 3 months old, signed and stamped by existing banker/mutual fund statements/overseas citizen of India card/person of Indian origin card/latest IT return.

Proof of Age:

SALARIED : Birth certificate/school leavingcertificate/passport/voters card with DOB/college certificate/DOB on tax return/PAN card/ company id/hr confirmation.

SELF EMPLOYED ; Birth certificate/school leavingcertificate/passport/voters card with DOB/college certificate/DOB on tax return/PAN card.

Length of employment/continuity of business:

SALARIED : Letter from employer/old pay slip/form 16/HR check by designated CPA resource.

SELF EMPLOYED : Lease deed/rent receipts/ownership document/utility bills/tax returns from the same city/ 3 year old bank statement.

Proof of income and occupationp:

SALARIED : Latest one or 2 salary slip (not more than 3 months old)/latest form 16/last 3 months bank statement.

SELF EMPLOYED : Latest one or 2 salary slip (not more than 3 months old)/latest form 16/last 3 months bank statement.

sbi e mudra loan scheme: all you need to know

sbi e mudra pm svanidhi loan

sbi e mudra pm Seva Nidhi loan: The State Bank of India (SBI) Mudra Loan refers to the loans offered to individuals and Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) under the guidance of the Micro-Units Development and Refinance Agency (MUDRA). Under the Mudra scheme, SBI offers funding support of up to Rs. 10 lakh.

SBI Mudra Loans can be used for purchasing raw materials, stocking up inventory, meeting working capital needs, buying plant and machinery, paying rent, business expansion, and other business-related purposes.

Interest Rate9.75% onwards
Loan AmountUp to Rs. 10 lakh
Eligibility CriteriaExisting and New Units
Processing Fee & Charges 0.50%of the loan amount + taxes
Pre-payment ChargesBetween 3 – 5 years (moratorium of up to 6 months) depending on the activity/income generation
MarginUp to Rs. 50,000 Nil and From Rs. 50,001 to Rs. 10 lakh is 10%
Residence StatusFor the last 2 years, residing in the same society
Collateral SecurityNil

Apply for SBI e-Mudra Loan

  • Visit the SBI official website
  • Select Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana Application Form
  • Provide the required details 
  • after  SBI formalities and loan process is completed, the applicant shall receive an SMS
  • need 30 days after the receipt of SMS 

SBI e MUDRA Loan  details

  • Maximum loan amount offered is Rs. 1 lakh
  • Maximum repayment period is up to 5 years
  • Instant loan availability of Rs. 50,000
  • For loan amount above Rs. 50,000, applicant needs to visit SBI
  • Applicant should be a micro entrepreneur with minimum age of 18 years and maximum up to 65 years
  • Must have maintained SBI’s current or savings account for at least 6 months
  • Indian citizen

Documents required for sbi e-mudra

  • Duly filled application form with passport sized photographs
  • KYC documents of the applicant: Passport, Voter’s ID card, Aadhar card, Driving License, PAN card
  • Details of Savings/Current Account number and branch
  • Proof of Business (Name, Start date & Address)
  • UIDAI- Aadhar Number (should be updated in A/c Number)
  • Community details (General/ SC/ ST/ OBC/ Minority)
  • Other information for uploading like: GSTN & UDYOG Aadhar
  • Proof of Shop & Establishment and business registration

Lazypay Instant loan

Lazypay Instant loan  offers personal loans to those seeking quick and instant credit. In order to avail a personal loan from LazyPay

Instant personal loan upto 1 lac

How do I apply for a LazyPay personal loan?

  1. Sign up on the app & provide PAN details to check your eligible limit, instantly!
  2. To activate your enhanced limit, submit your KYC details.
  3. Then, complete your auto bill payment setup & done.

The minimum amount for withdrawal is Rs 10,000. You can withdraw upto the limit set for you. Your limit is displayed on the mobile app.

LazyPay interest rate :

LazyPay is India’s leading online Instant Credit app offering its users a credit limit between Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh with instant approval and zero collateral. Personal loan interest rates range from 15% to 32% p.a. with EMI tenures of 3 to 24 months.

LazyPay is a technology platform owned by PayU Finance India Private Limited, which is a systemically important non-banking finance company registered with the Reserve Bank of India.

Use LazyPay app

  1. To avail LazyPay Instant EMI, simply head over to the Flipkart App or Website.
  2. Select the product of your choice and checkout via LazyPay under EMI payment options.
  3. Choose a convenient EMI plan and confirm your purchase with an OTP. DONE.
  4. with LazyPay you can avail vouchers for India’s favorite online stores including Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Lifestyle, MakeMyTrip, Croma and HomeCentre.

Looking to pay later on your favourite merchants? Or understand more about your credit score? Look no further than LazyPay. LazyPay lets you buy now and pay later across merchants. You can pay the total every 15 days, without any interest. There are exciting merchant offers and cashbacks too. You can even use your LazyPay credit limit at any store that accepts UPI. And if the transaction is over INR 3000, you can convert it into EMIs.

LazyPay does everything a credit card does, and more. You even get online loans with instant approval and zero collateral. It is easier, faster and more convenient. So stop wasting time with paperwork to apply for a credit card or a personal loan, and try LazyPay’s digital credit card instead.

Pay Later

Want to quickly buy things and pay for it in one shot? Just buy now, pay later. Use our flexible no-cost payment options on your favourite merchants across 250+ websites and mobile applications. You can even use your LazyPay credit to pay at any shop that accepts UPI payments! LazyPlus also gives you access to no cost EMI options. Get credit that’s easy, instant and stress-free.

Credit through UPI

With LazyPay – you can scan UPI QR codes to pay using LazyPay Credit online & at shops everywhere. This is done via UPI payments using a special LazyPay UPI Credit handle that’s assigned to you. And if the purchase is over Rs. 3000, you can convert it into easy EMIs.

Merchant Offers

Craving a meal? Or a weekend getaway? You can use our services and look for Swiggy Coupons, Zomato Coupons, TataSky Coupons, MedLife Coupons and AbhiBus Coupons. Use LazyPay and get multiple offers, cash discounts as well as cashbacks while paying on your favourite applications.

Free Credit Score

Are you aware of what your credit score is? A healthy credit score ensures that you are eligible to get loans and saves you financial stress. You can use the free credit score check feature which would normally cost INR 1200 on the LazyPay app and find out your CIBIL credit score. This helps you instantly find out if you are eligible for a loan. It also helps keep a track of changes in your CIBIL score and improve your rating.

Instant Personal loan

Whatever your dreams and aspirations, LazyPay comes to your rescue with instant personal loans. This online loan can reach you within minutes. Our instant personal loans are cash loans where the lump sum amount is transferred to your bank account. The entire process is paperless making sure there is no contact with anyone during these trying times.

LazyPay is India’s leading online Instant Credit app offering its users a credit limit between Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh with instant approval and zero collateral. Personal loan interest rates range from 15% to 32% p.a. with EMI tenures of 3 to 24 months. You can use it to travel, buy electronics, cover medical expenses, home renovations & more!

*Sample EMI Calculation*
Loan amount = Rs 10,000 Tenure = 6 months, @ interest rate of 18%* p.a.
EMI = Rs 1,755/- p.m.
Processing fee = Rs. 200
* Interest rate varies

The LazyPay application daily to get instant personal loans, check their credit scores, and make payments easily.

Reach out to at or raise your query here:

CashBean loan details – Loan Online Personal Loan App

Cashbean loan details : cashbean loans can help you in , medical emergencies, repairs, travel, meeting cash shortfalls for big-ticket purchases etc & hence they have designed this simple loan product with a loan limit of up to INR 60,000 keeping your needs in mind. Compared to the complicated and long application process in banks & other financial institutions.

Insatant cashbean loan detials: personal loan

Instant cash loans are popular nowadays, traditionally they are offered by banks and other financial institutes.The biggest advantage of a Cash Loan is the convenience it offers you, along with easier and quicker approvals. Cashbean provides convenient,quickest,affordable loans, we offers Loans and Salary Advances from ₹ 1,500 to ₹ 60,000 at competitive interest rates.

Online loan by cashbean

The biggest advantage of an Online Loan is you can get 24×7 access to loan anytime and anywhere.
Cashbean provides convenient,quickest,affordable loans, cashbean offers Loans and Salary Advances from ₹ 1,500 to ₹ 60,000 at competitive interest rates. 

You can get salary advance through cashbean in a very easy method effortlessly.

Loan Amount: from Rs 1,500 to Rs 60,000;
Loan Tenure: from 62 to 120 days;
Interest Rate: 0.07% per day (25.55% per annum);
Processing Fee: Ranges from Rs 90 ~ Rs 2,000 for one-time charge, which depends on the loan amount and the application details;
GST: 18% of the Processing Fee in accordance with the policy and laws of India;
APR: Up to 74.2% (Annual Percentage Rate including Interest, Processing Fee and GST);

For a 62-day loan of ₹10,000 for 2 months with interest rate @25.55% per annum,
Interest = ₹10,000 * 25.55% / 365 * 62 = ₹434;
Processing Fee = ₹620;
GST = ₹620 * 18% = ₹111.6;
The total amount to be paid = Loan Amount + Interest + Processing Fee + GST = ₹10,000 + ₹434 + ₹620 + ₹111.6 = ₹11,165.6;
APR = (₹11,165.6 – ₹10,000) / ₹10,000 / 62 * 365 = 68.62%;

CashBean is India’s leading digital lending mobile based personal loans platform. CashBean is a product of P C Financial Services Private Limited, registered under RBI. We aim to meet customer’s financial needs for various requirements ranging from purchase of mobile phones, medical needs, bill payments etc.

Get safe, fair, convenient and affordable online loans on CashBean – Indian’s best personal loan app.

Why CashBean?
1. No credit history required
2. Paperless and digital process on your mobile
3. Get 24*7 access to loan anytime, anywhere
4. Efficient Application Review
5. Disburse to your connected account once approved
6. Available Pan India
7. As the credit score grows, the sanctioned amount gradually increases
8. Variety of convenient repayment options

1. Indian Resident
2. 18-56 years old
3. Source of a monthly income

How it works?
1. Install the CashBean App from the Play Store.
2. Register an account.
3. Select the product you would like to apply for
4. Fill out the contents, then submit the application
5. After the submission, you may receive a call for verification. The final application result will be shown in the APP and you will be informed by SMS if approved.
6. Provide the consent with the loan agreement after the approval
7. After the confirmation of the loan agreement, the approved loan amount will be disbursed in the account and a SMS notification will be sent.

All the transactions are secured via a 256-bit SSL encryption.

Contact Details:
Customer Service Email:
Customer Service Hot line: 18005728088, 0124-6036666

An In-Depth Guide To The USAA personal Loan: Everything You Need To Know

USAA Personal Loans

USAA Personal Loans

USAA Personal Loan: USAA Bank provides personal loans that can be used for almost any purpose. Members can borrow between $2,500 and $20,000.

Personal loans have always been an excellent source of funds for a variety of different reasons. In fact, personal loans are so popular that they’re often referred to as signature loans because, in order to qualify for one, you need to have a good credit score. The amount that can be borrowed depends on several factors including the applicant’s income and expenses.

Credit score needed for USAA personal loan: USAA offers medium loans, flexible terms, and minimal fees to active and retired military members and their families.

Apply for a USAA Personal Loans

  • Anyone serving in the U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy, National Guard and Reserves.
  • Former military members who have retired or been honorably discharged.
  • Widows, widowers and former spouses (who have not remarried) of USAA members who joined USAA prior to or during the marriage, and children of members.
  • Cadets and midshipmen at U.S. service academies, in advanced ROTC or on ROTC scholarship, and officer candidates within 24 months of commissioning.

Who can borrow USAA Personal Loans .

  • Are current or eligible USAA members.
  • Have good credit (690 FICO or higher).
  • Would like to add a co-signer.
  • Want fast funding.

USAA Personal Loans – flexibility

  • Offers a small range of loan amounts.
  • Allows changes to payment date.
  • Funds loans the next business day.
  • Does not offer direct payment to creditors for debt consolidation loans.
  • Available in all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

Offers limited customer contact channels and hours.
Offers mobile app to manage loans.
Provides financial education

USAA offers a fully online process. Fast funding is common among lenders. Borrowers can add a co-signer to their application to help them qualify for the loan and potentially receive a lower rate.USAA offers a discount of 0.25% on its annual percentage rate to borrowers who set up automatic payments. This discount encourages borrowers to pay on time and can be as high as 0.50% for some lenders. USAA ALSO has a mobile app.

Qualify for a USAA Personal Loans

USAA does not publicly disclose any of its borrower requirements. Borrowers with good and excellent credit scores will likely qualify for the lowest rates.

Apply on USAA Personal Loans

Members can fill out an application on USAA’s website.

How It USAA Personal Loans Works

  1. Apply Online-It only takes a few minutes to fill out the application.
  2. Learn Your Rate-If you’re approved, in most cases we’ll show your rate right away.
  3. Get Your Money-Once approved, receive funds in your USAA Bank account within 24 hours Monday through Friday.

Personal loans from USAA can also be funded quickly. A decision normally takes one business day, and money takes one to three business days after approval.

Eidl loan-what is eidl loan

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Eidl loan-what is eidl loan-provides economic relief to small businesses and nonprofit organizations that are currently experiencing a temporary loss of revenue.

 Due to COVID-19, small business owners, including agricultural businesses, and nonprofit organizations in all U.S. states, Washington D.C., and territories can apply for the COVID-19 Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL).


To meet financial obligations and operating expenses that could have been met had the disaster not occurred

For loans approved starting the week of April 6, 2021: 24-months of economic injury with a maximum loan amount of $500,000.


  • 3.75% for businesses (fixed)
  • 2.75% for nonprofits (fixed)
  • 30 years
  • No pre-payment penalty or fees

Required for loans over $25,000
SBA uses a general security agreement (UCC) designating business assets as collateral, such as machinery and equipment, furniture and fixtures, etc.

Loan eligibility

Small business owners and qualified agricultural businesses in all U.S. states and territories are currently eligible to apply for a low-interest loan due to COVID-19.

Agricultural businesses with 500 or fewer employees are now eligible as a result of new authority granted by Congress in response to the pandemic.

Agricultural businesses include those businesses engaged in the production of food and fiber, ranching, raising of livestock, aquaculture, and all other farming and agricultural related industries .

Beware of fraud and ID theft